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What I Do

Web Application Development - CMS Websites & SEO - Mobile Apps

My journey as a web developer began by building websites and web applications while completing my BSc Computer Science degree in 2005. I’ve now accumulated over a decade of industry experience with a broad skillset spanning the entire web technology spectrum.

Over the course of my career I’ve coordinated countless project releases and delivered applications, both large and small, on a broad range of platforms and devices.

I am now well established as a freelance web developer and have the ability to take on a diverse variety of project types. I see projects through from the ideas conceived by my clients, to the release and subsequent support and enhancement phases.

I pride myself on my reputation and my ability to communicate effectively throughout the entire course of a project. Your feedback is always highly valued and building on our ongoing relationship is my priority.

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Web Application Development

Bespoke Web Applications

As an experienced web developer, I create web applications which automate and streamline your processes to place your business ahead of the curve. I can also bring your startup idea to life or enhance an existing website or web application that you want to take to the next level.

Having previously worked on a broad range of web and mobile solutions previously, I am equipped to choose the right frameworks for your unique project. I know the benefits and pitfalls of each and will ensure your product is robust, efficient and scalable.


Website and Mobile App Development

CMS Websites, SEO and Apps

In addition to the creation of complex web applications my skill set equips me to create modern content management system (CMS) backed websites which are SEO optimized. Also, using the hybrid app development approach, I can create modern mobiles apps tailored precisely to your requirements.

In this day in age, the internet is arguably the most prominent communication medium we have available. Extending your business presence online has become a necessity.


Some of my clients & partners

I work both project-based and freelance

These are the core frameworks that I use most regularly, however I'm constantly adopting new ones


Microsoft's powerful and widely used server-side framework for high traffic web applications.

AngularJS / Node.js

Client and server JavaScript frameworks for developing responsive and dynamic web apps.

SQL Server

Microsoft's database platform delivering mission critical performance and advanced features.


The latest web frameworks for creating an aesthetically pleasing web experience.

Git, NPM & Bower

Workflow tools for more efficient development processes and improved collaboration.

Azure & AWS

Cloud base deployment and hosting providers for increased reliability and easier expansion.

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